Household new energy generating station-DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station

Household new energy generating station-DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station

As the increasingly strengthening of people's awareness of emergency preparedness, numerous households start to prepare portable power station for family emergency, courtyard extension, holiday spare and off-peak power consumption to ensure household electricity stability.

Household new energy generating station - High power assist smooth power supply

 The DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station is allowed for four charging modes, including car charging, adapter charging, generator charging and solar energy charging. The DEENOX 1500 is equipped with three USB-A (18W) output ports, two USB-C (100W) output ports, wireless charging port, DC port, car charger port and AC port, which can support 12 devices at the same time. It can be used for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, car equipment, LED lamps, CPAP, fans, lamps, electric tools and cooking equipment, meeting both digital products and low-power electrical equipment and high-power household appliances, such as refrigerators, coffee makers, microwave ovens, electric blankets.

DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station meets the actual needs of household users in terms of power and power design. With 3000W of peak value for 1s, it can provide guarantee for smooth start of electrical equipment. With 1500W of high power, it supports the use of high-power electrical appliances. Such as toasters, microwave ovens, CPAP, ovens, induction cookers and electric drills.

DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station has a large capacity of 1 degree, which can be used for 120W household refrigerator for about 7-14 hours, 1000W rice cooker for about 0.9 hours, 40W CPAP for about 21-25 hours, 40W electric fan for about 21 hours, and 500W washing machine for about 1.7 hours. For families suffering sudden power failure, it can maintain a normal life for a certain time.

Emergency operations and entertainment, ensuring regular household power supply

DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station is safe and durable. It is mainly used to provide effective guarantee for daily life and kitchen appliances, especially refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee makers, ovens, ventilators, etc. It is designed with colorful appearance and can be matched flexibly with fashion furniture, serving as not only a home backup power supply, but also a home art decoration.

The DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station hidden handle design makes the product easy to move, and allows its application in the courtyard, garden where there is no power socket, saving the trouble of connecting to excessively long patch board. DEENO X1500 is your best selection for courtyard weeding and garden party.

DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station is also a backup power supply magic equipment for holidays. A DEENO X1500 can provide you with basic electricity when you are on holiday in the far suburb holiday house without public supply system. A 200W solar energy panel ensures the charge and accumulation anytime and anywhere, which can be fully charged within 6 hours. It is equipped with 12W lighting, and 25%, 50%, 100%, SOS four working modes, up to 400lm. It can provide timely lighting for the environment in the dark situation.

The DEENO X1500 indoor portable power station is charged during the low peak period of power consumption at night to supply power during the peak period of power consumption during the day to reduce the power consumption cost.

 DEENO Intelligent BMS battery intelligent management system - intelligent, efficient and safe

In light of the principle of "Digital Intelligence of Power Management", with exclusive advanced DEENO Intelligent BMS battery Intelligent management system (DiBMS), DEENO continues to innovate and make breakthroughs in battery intelligent management technology. It takes the lead in adopting patented technologies such as dual-protection system, UL1577 level bidirectional communication isolation system and impedance tracking SOC statistical algorithm, and conducting all-round intelligent management on battery pack monitoring, calculation, communication and protection to create a DiBMS battery intelligent management solution with more intelligence, efficiency and safety. 


DEENO X 1500 adopts the LiFePO4 battery, which has a high safety factor and long service life. The battery features a standard capacity higher than or equal to 80% and can be charged and discharged more than 3500 times (ordinary lithium batteries can only be charged and discharged 500 to 800 times). As a result, the LiFePO4 battery has a higher cycle life than ordinary batteries and a lower cost per use. It is the best selection for home backup power supply.


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