Brushing your teeth has never been so much fun.

With the Deeno Electric toothbrush and the FREE Deeno APP (digital tracking platform), parents can accompany their child’s daily brushing activity, whilst the Deeno’Saur game encourages the kid to brush more effectively and improve long term dental hygiene.

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How Deenosaur toothbrush works?

  • Deeno utilizes a special electric toothbrush that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Download the FREE Deeno App with interactive Deeno'Saur game.

  • Set on the app the optimal daily brushing goals for your kid. Then, sit back and watch as the targets are achieved.

  • Each time the child brushes their teeth at the pre-programmed times, they win coins to use on the Deeno mini games.

    The toothbrush

    Perfect for Kids of all ages.

    The toothbrush The toothbrush The base
    For a personalized brushing experience, the Deeno Toothbrush comes with 3 brushing modes: High, Normal, Massage, and offers a 2 minute timer and quad pacer for truly effective cleaning.
    The head is removable, with a 100% secure fit, and can be purchased separately.
    The compact head, with its soft bristles, offers all the care your child needs.
    The charging base is light, practical and contains a USB port to easily charge the long lasting lithium rechargeable battery.
    The toothbrush is engineered with the most effective sonic motion with more than 20,000 pulsations per minute, guaranteeing a better quality brushing experience.
    The in-built sensors in the brush utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology to communicate with the Deeno app and and allows real time data capture, interaction and qualitative analysis.
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    The app

    Real time health data for you.
    A lot of fun for your children.

    The Deeno brand has been created with the idea of tracking kids’ brushing habits. To engage them we created the Deeno’Saur game, in which a young dinosaur Deeno, is eager to be cared for and needs help with feeding, cleaning, sleeping and of course being played with:) Every time a child brushes their teeth for the dentist recommended two minutes at the time goal set by the parents, they will collect coins and earn items to ensure Deeno remains healthy, and can be personalized into the coolest Deeno’Saur with the latest accessories and styles.

    Mobile phone

    Fun and data for the Family

    The Deeno APP allows parents to register more than one toothbrush, in other words, up to 6 children in one family children can have their own profiles and pet Deeno’Saur. Parents just need to define the brushing targets for each kid and follow the evolution and improvement in their childrens’ daily brushing via the App leaderboard.

    Taking care of your own virtual pet.

    The children also have fun while caring for Deeno: each time they give Deeno a bath, feed, brush his teeth and complete other activities, they receive coins to play with their Deeno’Saur and treat their pet to cool & stylish accessories.

    Deeno shower Deeno burger Deeno sleep

    Exclusive games inside the app

    • Deeno flying Deeno flying icon
    • Deeno basket Deeno basket icon
    • Deeno lumberjack Deeno lumberjack icon

      Download the FREE App and have fun playing the exclusive Deeno games: Flying Deeno, Basket Deeno and Lumberjack Deeno.

      All this in only one FREE app