Deeno X1500 Portable Power Station

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  • Long service life, Safe - Managed by DiBMS, this bi-directional protection system has a higher safety factor and long service life, ensuring the stability of
    LiFePO4 battery's stability in a high-heat environment.
  • Large capacity & high power - 1036Wh capacity,1500W high power,3000W surge power, this LiFePO4 power station ensures the smooth operation of most home appliances.
  • Power 12 devices Simultaneously - 3*AC, 3*USB-A, 2*USB-C,2*DC, Car charging port, Wireless pad, our 1500W portable power station supports a total of 12 devices for charging.
  • 4 ways of charging - Car charging, Adapter charging, Generator charging, and Solar charging.
  • Solar charging Compatibility - The optional DEENO portable solar panel adopts MTTP feature and can efficiently charge the power station in 6 hours at the soonest.
  • Simple, easy to store - All ports are designed on one side of the product, which is easy to identify and space-saving. Hidden handles facilitate carrying.
  • 12W lighting - The LED light has 4 operation modes of 25%, 50%, 100% and SOS.
  • 4.3 inch LCD screen - This better improves its sense of interaction with a display of current power, charging power, discharging power, remaining time, etc.
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Product Features

DEENO X1500 is a portable power station for camping, hiking or indoor emergency backup. Engineered with cutting-edge LiFePO4 technology, this 1500W portable power station ensures seamless energy delivery for all your off-grid adventures, from charging devices to running appliances, all while embodying the reliability and efficiency of a LiFePO4 power station. This 1500W portable power station can simultaneously power 12 devices and is widely compatible with diverse appliances.

User friendly

All output/input ports are applied single-side design,two hidden handles saves storage space and facilitate carrying.

200W recharge with Solar

Where there is sunlight, 6 hours at the soonest to fully charge the power station.


The two intelligent fans can efficiently dissipate heat, guaranteeing the safety and stability of the product. The shell is made of ABS+PC 94-V0 fireproof material.

Adjustable LED light

The 12W LED light on the back has four operation modes of 25%, 50%, 100% and SOS, providing up to 400 lumen.

Product Specification

Customer Reviews

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Failed to Start - Support Elusive

09/03/23 Received on July 26th, tested fine, recharged fine. Upon trying to use it yesterday it would not start. On/Off button is blinking a blue light. Nothing in the very small manual, nothing online, no support available on the weekend, probably have to wait until Tuesday after Labor Day.
Tried holding the On/Off button for a while, hoping for a reboot. Nothing.
Currently not so impressed.

James Haynes
Deeno x1500

Best portable solar generator works perfect with my panels. Lightweight and compacts compared to other solar generators. Very informative LCD display good quality and good materials used to in producing this unit two thumbs up