About Us

The founding team of DEENO comes from HUAWEI, BYD, LG, DJI and other companies, and has advanced experience in new energy research, chips, electronic control, software automation algorithms, supply chain management, and marketing.
DEENO has accumulated nearly 100 patents and intellectual property rights for inventions and creations related to the DiBMS battery intelligent management system. As soon as the new product is launched, it has won a number of industrial design awards assessed by relevant international institutions and media, and has entered the government's whitelist for procurement of necessary materials for emergency rescue in many countries and regions. DEENO has reached strategic partnerships with nearly 20 outdoor adventure alliances, outdoor hiking and mountaineering associations and outdoor travel clubs around the world, and become the exclusive designated supplier of their outdoor portable energy storage supply.

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DEENO,the Global Leading Battery Intelligent Management (DiBMS)Expert

DEENO Intelligent BMS

With the concept of "Digital intelligence in electrical energy management", DEENO has continuously innovated and made breakthroughs in battery intelligent management technology through the exclusive and advanced DEENO Intelligent battery management system (DiBMS for short).

What can DIBMS provide with

Take the lead in exclusively adopting patented technologies such as dual protection system, two-way communication isolation system at UL1577 level, Impedance tracking power SOC statistical algorithm, etc. carry out all-round intelligent management in the monitoring, calculation, communication and protection of the battery pack, and create a more intelligent, efficient and safe DiBMS battery intelligent management solution. 

Our Mission

Focusing on battery power intelligent management products and solutions in the field of portable mobile energy storage and clean new energy.