Rising star of power station - analysis of DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system

Rising star of power station - analysis of DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system

Have you ever come across a scenario like this? If you live in a residential area prone to power outages, especially in areas vulnerable to storms, when the power is supplied temporarily, you will need a backup power supply to charge your mobile phone and laptop to keep in contact with the rest of the world and ask for help. You will also need to continue to use your coffee maker, microwave oven, television, lamps and other equipment at home without power supply, so as to maintain your normal life before the rescue. Or after a long week of busy life, arriving at the campsite on a happy weekend, setting up the tent, you will need power to make dinner for your family.

A portable power station is required for all above scenarios. It is a safe, portable, stable and environmental-friendly small power station system, and a power system adopting high energy density lithium ion battery to provide stable AC and DC power output. There are a variety of portable power station brands and products available on the market recently, with mostly the same functions. Nowadays, we have found a newly launched product called DEENO X1500, which bring a different new atmosphere to the portable power station market. The product, mainly characterized by its exclusive advanced DEENO Intelligent BMS battery intelligent management system (DiBMS), has made continuous innovation and breakthroughs in the intelligent battery management technology.

DiBMS-DEENO battery intelligent management system

So, what is DiBMS? It is a patent upgrade technology system named by DEENO specially for its battery intelligent management system, and also a battery intelligent management solution that is more intelligent, efficient and safe through the exclusive use of patented technologies, such as dual-protection system, UL1577 level bidirectional communication isolation system, impedance tracking SOC statistical algorithm, for all-round intelligent management on battery pack monitoring, calculation, communication and protection. It has been widely applied in multiple product lines of mobile power station market segments, meeting the differentiated demands of users in outdoor travel, outdoor activities, outdoor operations, emergency rescue and home backup and other application scenarios.

Compared with products without DiBMS battery intelligent management solution, the DEENO X1500 product with DiBMS battery intelligent management solution is much changed in product security protection, power efficiency, performance improvement, battery temperature control and battery life guarantee.

DiBMS-DEENO battery intelligent management system - multi-protection to ensure electricity safety

DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system provides bidirectional protection to ensure household electricity safety in all respects. With the communication of bidirectional isolation system control board, the isolation level could up to UL1577. Even if the dual-protection system disabled in the first layer charging and discharging MOS tube, it can also protect the battery reliably.

The DiBMS intelligent system can provide products with overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, high temperature protection, low temperature protection, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, charge overcurrent protection, and 24h protection.

Furthermore, DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system is designed with dual-protection temperature detection (Tesla-like strategy) to achieve digital temperature detection, with detection data updated to control board in real time to start corresponding protection strategies. Lithium iron phosphate battery under the management of DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system may lose control of heat only at high temperature of 500°C-600°C, and will not ignite or explode in most cases. (Ordinary lithium battery may lose control of heat at a high temperature of about 200°C, and will ignite or explode quickly.)

DiBMS-DEENO battery intelligent management system fully improves product efficiency and performance, ensuring battery life

On the basis of DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system, track the battery operation status and parameter detection in real-time, and intelligently and accurately control the battery charging and discharging through SOC core control algorithm to ensure battery health.

Therefore, the X1500 product, adopting both lithium iron phosphate battery and DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system, has a higher safety factor and longer service life. Its standard battery capacity is ≥80%, and it can be charged and discharged for over 3500 times (500-800 times for ordinary lithium battery), with a higher cycle life than that of ordinary battery and less cost for single use.

Besides upgrade its software, the DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system is also an integrated hardware and software cooperation solution and has upgraded its hardware to achieve product function objectives. * Based on the DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management system, the relevant parts adopt the PACK zero welding process, terminals and connectors to further enhance the reliability of high-power household appliances when used at the same time. The DEENOX 1500 is equipped with three USB-A (18W) output ports, two USB-C (100W) output ports, wireless charging port, DC port, car charger port and AC port, which can support 12 devices at the same time. It can be used for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, car equipment, LED lamps, CPAP, fans, lamps, electric tools and cooking equipment. With 1036Wh of surging power and 3000W of peak value for 1s, it can provide guarantee for smooth start of electrical equipment. With 1500W of high power, it supports refrigerators, coffee makers, microwave ovens, electric blankets and other high-power electrical appliances.

"Only an integration solution with combination of software and hardware can create top-level product performance and user experience"

When more and more products enter intelligent management, almost all hardware needs to be equipped with an excellent software management system to create a top-level experience. "People used to believe that they can develop industry changing hardware product only by excellent industrial design and packaging. Well, times have changed." The power station industry is also experiencing such a revolution. But power station is never produced by a simple assembly of a set of lithium iron phosphate battery and a control panel.

The founding team of DEENO brand is consisted of core backbones from HUAWEI, BYD, LG, DJI and other enterprises, who possess advanced experiences in new energy power R & D, chip, electronic control, software automation algorithm, supply chain management and marketing. The DEENO team entered into the power station track and realized that only products that integrate hardware and software to the extreme can bring users a further excellent experience. Therefore, they throw oneself into the research of battery power intelligent management products and solutions in the fields of portable mobile power station and clean new energy. After three years of research and development, they have created the world's leading DiBMS battery intelligent management solution and produced the first DEENO X1500 power station product. In addition, there will be a mass production of portable power station and household power station products in the future.

The DEENO team said, they will continue to focus on DEENO DiBMS battery intelligent management technology and make breakthroughs constantly, and take the "Digital Intelligence of Power Management" as the vision to provide users in different scenarios around the world with more intelligent, efficient and safe portable power station integration solutions, so as to achieve universal clean energy and sustainable development of mankind.

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