DEENO - Your Go-To Brand for Reliable Portable Power Supply Solutions

DEENO - Your Go-To Brand for Reliable Portable Power Supply Solutions

At DEENO, we are passionate about bringing innovative and reliable energy solutions to power your adventures. Our portable power supplies are designed to keep you connected and empowered, no matter where your journey takes you. With a focus on sustainability, performance, and convenience, our DEENO portable power supply series is ready to be your reliable companion for all your outdoor endeavors.


Embrace Endless Power on the Go

Our DEENO X1500 Portable Power Station is a game-changer in the world of energy storage. With a remarkable 1036Wh capacity and a powerful 1500W output, it can easily handle your essential devices, from smartphones and laptops to drones and mini-fridges. Experience the freedom of staying connected with this versatile and compact power station.


Versatility for Any Adventure

The DEENO X1500 offers an array of power outlets to support all your devices. Equipped with 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, 2 DC ports, a car charging port, and even a wireless charging pad, you can power up to 12 devices simultaneously. Whether you are camping, hiking, or embarking on an off-grid adventure, our X1500 ensures you never run out of power.


Reliable Backup Power with UPS Switching

In unexpected situations like sudden power outages, our DEENO X1500 Portable Power Station comes to the rescue. Thanks to its UPS intelligent switching feature, it seamlessly switches to battery power when the main AC power is interrupted. You can trust our power station to provide continuous energy for your essential electrical appliances, ensuring you stay connected and safe.


Fast Charging and Solar-Ready

We understand the need for quick charging solutions, especially during your outdoor expeditions. The DEENO S1500 supports AC fast charging, fully charging the power station in just 2 hours. Additionally, it can be charged using a car charger, generator. With MTTP technology, the solar panel efficiently charges the power station in as little as 6 hours, harnessing the power of the sun to keep you going.



At DEENO, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge portable power supply solutions that cater to your needs. The DEENO S1500 Portable Power Station embodies our commitment to quality, performance, and eco-consciousness. With its impressive capacity, multiple charging options, and intelligent UPS switching, it is the ideal companion for your outdoor adventures.

Empower your journeys and embrace the freedom of staying connected with DEENO. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of our products, and let us accompany you on your next thrilling expedition. With DEENO, you never have to worry about running out of power, allowing you to explore the world fearlessly. Don't let anything hold you back - embark on your next adventure, powered by DEENO!


Revolutionizing Clean Energy Solutions with DEENO's Portable Power Supply
Empowering Your Adventures with DEENO's Portable Power Supply

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